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Q: How can I tell if the product I am buying has real lavender in it?

How can you tell if there really is lavender in a product?A: Ahhhh this is such a good question. I get ask this all the time. Bath and body products or essential oils must be labeled. There are a few ingredients to look for to ensure you are getting pure lavender essential oil. Look for the words lavendula, or lavender EO. These are the Latin or common names for Lavender Essential Oil. If the words fragrance, or parfum appear in the ingredients you can be assured that it is a synthetic scent.

We use the finest grade aroma therapeutic pure lavender essential oil in our lavender products. It is Lavendula LX intermedia.

Q: Are there parabens in your products?

Lavender SkinA: No! We never use parabens. This is not an ingredient we would consider using in our formulas. Parabens have been proven to be harmful to the skin; this is not a product that we could even consider using in our products. In fact our pure lavender products are made with all natural and vegetable base ingredients. We believe in bringing the skin as close to nature as possible, keeping us in balance, and harmony with nature. Our products leave the skin feeling soft, silky, and hydrated, you just can’t get closer to nature then that. Like our body lotion that is in a base of aloe vera juice, not water. Aloe is healing for the skin, soothing and won’t evaporate like water. There is no need to reapply our body lotion as it does not disappear in to the air.