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We offer a fine selection of unique lavender products to purchase, as well as providing useful personal care tips, and informative articles about lavender, its uses, health benefits, history and MORE!

Pure, high-altitude lavender essential oil is used in all of our New Mexico lavender products.

Pure, high-altitude lavender essential oil is used in all of our New Mexico lavender products.

About the Lavender Farm

Our farm is located in the beautiful Chama River Valley of Abiquiu, New Mexico. Abiquiu is best known for the captivating views, mountain terrain and Chama river, where the painter Georgia O'Keeffe lived, loved, and painted so often. The Lavender Farm has planted 4500 lavender plants, and because of the terrain with its sandy soil, high altitude, and intense sunlight - it is the perfect location to grow lavender. Lavender grown at higher altitudes produces a finer, sweeter grade of lavender oil.

We are dedicated to organically growing the finest lavender at our lavender farm in New Mexico to harvest, sell, and steam distill for our lavender bath and body products. Its resurgence in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, has been welcomed by many as long overdue. Our lavender is grown at a higher altitude which produces a finer grade of lavender essential oil that is used in our "Everything Lavender" bath and body product line. Lavender has long been known for it amazing healing qualities.

Belle Essence
PO Box 939 Abiquiu, NM 87510

Welcome to Belle Essence... discover a new you. 

Imagine a place where stress can be relieved with a breathtaking scent. Pamper yourself with our Natural Lavender Essential Oil, an oil that nurtures and nourishes the skin and provides stress relief for the body, mind and spirit...

Lavender. The scent of change, the scent of youth, the scent of a woman...

About Belle Essence: The Scent of Transcendence

With eons of wisdom held within the very cell of lavender flowers, Lavender Essential Oil has been used and loved as far back as the days of Cleopatra. Its use was once reserved for royalty. Today the magnificent oil is now available to you in our fine products. We have developed a truly superior line of exquisite body care products that are available to you right here.

Belle Essence Lavender products are made with only the finest oils, butters, and other exotic healing ingredients from around the world.

Our body and skin care line promises you a superior product that does what it says it will do. That is our promise, that is our mission.


Lavender Stacks

Stacks of lavender at our Purple Adobe Lavender Farm
in New Mexico, USA

Belle Essence presents Everything Lavender Botanicals

Everything Lavender Botanicals - a woman's bath and body skin care line. These silky, smooth, and remarkably hydrating body and skin care products are available now on our web site. We are dedicated to the use of Lavender Essential Oil in its purest form. Lavender Essential Oil, a true balancer of the entire being.

It is said that everything has been created; it is just waiting to be discovered.

Discover Everything Lavender Botanicals by Belle Essence.

Everything Lavender Botanicals is made with pure essential oil of lavender and is not diluted or compromised by using fragrance oils or any fillers. The Everything Lavender Botanicals is pure, unadulterated essential oil and only the essential oil of lavender is used.

Everything Lavender Botanicals:

More Everything Lavender Botanicals Products coming soon:

  • Lavender Infused Soy Candles
  • Lavender Linen Spray
  • and more!
Lavender fields in New Mexico

Lavender fields in New Mexico

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